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Three more Potains for Syntec

Thai company Syntec Construction has taken delivery of three Potain MRC 225 luffing jib tower cranes as it gradually moves towards an all Potain fleet.

Currently 22 of its 30 tower cranes are built by Potain, the new MRC 225 A has a maximum capacity of 14 tonnes and a maximum working radius of 55 metres.
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Two of Syntec's Potain luffing jib cranes

Nayot Pisantanakul, assistant managing director of Syntec Construction said: “Potain cranes are so reliable, I rarely lose any sleep worrying about them. We are extremely pleased with their performance and using them allows us to increase productivity on the job site. But one very important factor is the role that local dealer SB Siam plays. Through the Manitowoc Crane Care customer support program the company stocks the required levels of parts, and we know they can service the cranes when we need support.”

The company is currently building the 38 story UBC III Tower together with a six storey parking lot. Four of the company’s Potain cranes are working at the project, which started in 2011. They are all luffing-jib models: an MR 220, an MR 90 and two MRC 225 A cranes. The cranes perform general lifting services, including handling precast concrete sections, steel rods, concrete buckets and pipes in loads of up to three tonnes.

“The MRC 225 A’s popularity is growing with operators and developers alike” said Pisantanakul, “working on major projects in the heart of the city gives it more exposure but we’re able to show the benefits such an efficient crane brings to job sites – particularly in built-up, crowded areas. We expect to add more of these cranes to our fleet in the future.”

Established in 1988, Syntec Construction is a joint venture between one of Thailand’s leading steel pipe manufacturers and three of Singapore’s largest contractors. Syntec Construction has almost 60 operators on its books, with an in-house training program where the more experienced train the new entrants to the business.