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Ainscough ownership change

Bradley Hall Holdings, the owner of the UK’s largest crane rental company Ainscough, has been acquired by a partnership made up of Goldman Sachs and private equity firm TPG. The business was purchased from Caird Capital a joint venture between Lloyds and Coller Capital.

The deal also coincides with £105 million of additional asset based finance, provided by GE Capital, Burdale Financial and RBS Invoice Finance, in order to help the company expand further into the renewable energy market.

Ainscough managing director Neil Partridge said: "The TPG and Goldman Sachs partnership brings extensive experience in the sector to Ainscough. They are extremely resourceful and will encourage our strategic thinking to further develop and grow the business."

Ainscough was the subject of a Management Buy Out from the Ainscough family in 2007, funded by an integrated debt and equity package. With Lloyds looking to reduce its debt load as part of its current restructuring programme, Ainscough was included in a package of companies offered to Goldman Sachs and others - but is one of the first deals to be completed.

Vertikal Comment

The change in ownership will have little immediate impact on the operational side of the Ainscough business. However it does give the company a stronger - restructured balance sheet and owners with the resources and more importantly the willingness, to raise funds and follow opportunities that may arise.

This is almost certainly good news for the company and its employees.


Goldman Sachs was the father of Andrew Sachs who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers.

Dec 23, 2012

Is this really good news? I'm not so sure - I get the impression that private equity firms have only one goal and one goal only - to make money, whatever the implications. Will there be a break up of the company? Who is REALLY in charge now and what will this mean for jobs and remuneration? I can't help thinking that said PE firms will make demands for pay freezes or cuts and disposal of assets or less profitable parts of the company. Time will tell.....

Dec 22, 2012

Big Stevie
What a fantastic outcome for Ainscough and can only be good for the company for the future.
A very good company to work for even thought i have moved to the Middle East.
Good luck Ainscough.

Dec 22, 2012

Creepy crawler drivers said they'd take a pay cut so it gets put to depot level :-)

Dec 17, 2012

With this new investment maybe us guys on the Crawlers may get a van?? like all the other heavies do.

Dec 17, 2012