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Straddling the steel

Spotted near Istanbul, Turkey, a steel erector perched high up on the steel, not only is it less than safe but one wonders how he got up there.

The team, which is apparently employed by a major contractor, is using a loader crane to place the steel and turned down the offer of an aerial lift.
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Who needs a platform when you can perch like this?

In the words of our correspondent: “Please find attached picture of a best practice from Turkey! I took this picture on a job site next to my home. It’s a steel construction building in progress. Having an access equipment rental company I offered these guys one of my machines but they chose to work in their own way. Funny thing is the constructor has some serious completed work references in Turkey."
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A closer look

“P.S You should note that Turkish standards regarding working at height are quite close to those of the EU.”

A definite one for our Death Wish series


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