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Loader crane overturn in UK

A loader crane overturned while lifting a generator in the city of Bath earlier today

The crane - possibly a Fassi F800XP - owned by Wheeler & Son machinery movers of Bridgwater, Somerset was set up with outriggers down but beams fully retracted. The arrangement clearly did not provide sufficient stability for the lift, once the load was removed from the truck bed. The boom came down onto the Lamb & Lion pub roof preventing a full overturn.
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The truck and crane overturned onto the Lamb & Lion pub

Wheelers is an experienced loader crane operator and runs a fleet of Fassi cranes, and regularly carries out quite complex lifts. It is therefore hard to understand how this incident occurred.
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The outriggers were set up in-board.


Not that experienced if the outriggers weren't extended then! Lost count of how many lazy operators of these I've seen not using extended outriggers or mats - start getting a bit professional guys or you could end up killing someone.....

Mar 24, 2014
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