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Liebherr introduces a smart grab

Liebherr has launched an intelligent grab for its mobile harbour cranes – SmartGrip, which it says can boost productivity by over 25 percent.

The new technology operates as an intelligent system which optimises grab filling rates in a self-learning manner, helping increase the fill rate, while helping avoid overloads and saving on hardware.

Typically only 70 percent of a grab’s capacity is ever used, due to suboptimal grabbing angles and varying material density, while trying to get these two right can be a real challenge for operators and require a variety of different grabs to cater for different materials.
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Liebherr's new SmartGrip system can boost productivity and protect cranes

As a result of in-depth analyses, Liebherr worked out the ideal grab filling model for various material densities, in order to optimise fill rates. The new system also incorporates a self-learning feature that automatically adjusts its behaviour to suit bulk density, compression and granularity among other criteria.

As the grab goes through its initial load cycles it automatically optimises filling from 70 percent up to maximum capability, taking grab size, crane load chart and outreach into account. Liebherr claims that the system achieves the grab’s maximum fill rate within the first seven cycles. The system also prevents the overloads that can occur when pulling a grab load of sticky material, this leads to a crane overload and shutdown delaying work while it is reset. This feature not only improves productivity but also can extend the crane’s life by avoiding the stress caused by sudden overload shut downs, while saving fuel and time.

In addition to automatically avoiding overloading the SmartGrip system can be manually set for specific loads. If a crane operator needs to load a 40 tonne truck, for example, he can set the SmartGrip to just fill the grab with 40 tonnes.

The SmartGrip system can also be retrofitted to older Liebherr cranes, the installation is said to be quick and easy.