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Lunch is ready

Spotted by a reader in the UK a boom lift being used to cook an operators lunch or snack in a slightly unorthodox manner.
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Spotted on what looks to be a Genie boom, the operators lunch or snack being prepared

We are not sure where exactly this was taken, but the operator or a work colleague has decided that the exhaust muffler might just be the place to heat up his food, while he continues to work.

Not exactly an intended application for a work platform, but certainly practical and even environmentally friendly, as long as he was in fact using the machine and not running it solely to cook the food.

Have a great weekend.


vertikal editor
Emailed Comment:

Ref your article "Lunch is Ready"

This is not something new, anybody who has served in the armed forces (Transport or REME type trades etc.) will most likely have done something very similar during field exercises or active tours of duty.

I remember driving the Class 2 Militants (Millies) in W.Germany in the late eighties, the engine cover was directly inside the cab, lift it up and you had direct access to a large flat exhaust manifold on top of the engine.

However, you should really add a note of CAUTION to the article:

Anybody thinking of copying your article / photo to heat up a tin of food will get it seriously wrong... The tin needs to be punctured with a tin opener first or the air inside it will expand and depending on the temperature can have the potential to explode the can.

By far the easiest way is to stand the pierced can upright in a 'mess tin' of water, as the water heats and comes to the boil so does the can of food, you then also have your hot water for a cup of tea.

Wouldn't recommend it on a MEWP though...!

Mar 29, 2015
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