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Crane operator fatality

A crane operator died yesterday (Mon) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when his crane, equipped with trailing boom was involved in a road accident.

The incident occurred in the south bound lane of Interstate 110 as it passes North 22nd Street, when the five axle 180 ton Demag AC 435 All Terrain crane owned by local company Turner Industries, was involved in an incident, in which it either hit the central reservation or the three axle boom trailer jacknifed. Local reports suggest that the driver ,Jacob McGuff, 20, lost control of the crane and was thrown from the cab. He was reported to have died at the scene. The coroner was called and the road closed.
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The scene yesterday morning in Baton Rouge

All we know for certain is that the carrier cab was completely demolished, which suggests more than a simple impact with the median barrier, or even the overpass support.

When we learn more we will update this item.


What a sad, tragic story. My heart goes out to the family of the victim.

On the other hand, I have to question the decision of the young lads supervisor, to send him out solo,in a big, heavy, complicated crane, on an interstate freeway. No doubt he had the proper license, but being so young how much experience did he have ?

Those type cranes are well known to have issues traveling on hiways when configured with boom dollies. There have been numerous incidents in my state alone. Some involved injuries, at least one fatality.

There should have at least been a journeyman riding in the passenger seat with him.
Also there is much training available for operating cranes, but none for driving cranes. This needs to change.

Again my thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family.

Rest in peace young man.

Feb 7, 2017