Ladder scissor trailer combo

Spotted earlier this week in Waddinxveen, near Gouda in the Netherlands, a work crew using an extending ladder on a scissor lift on a trailer.

For some reason the team has decided to leave the 26ft scissor lift on the delivery trailer, rather than unload it to reach the work area, or move it out of the way in order to properly use the ladder to reach the gutter area at a height of around eight metres. From the photo looks as though there are two or three men working on the job, none of which think this is slightly crazy.
Using a ladder, scissor lift and transport trailer all to reach the gutter?

One reason could be that they are too lazy or do not have the room in the street for both the trailer and scissor? And with the ladder they need the additional metre and a half of height that the trailer and stowed scissor provides?

What was going through their minds is hard to comprehend. Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


the electric scissorlift could not be used on a surface like that. it would go ``tilt``. This might be the reason for such a behavior. Next time rent a RT model or trailormount. Still it´s dangerous and would have been better to use the ladder without the scissorlift

26 Jan 2018
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