Flagship Grove for RAR

Australian crane rental company RAR Group has taken delivery of a 400 tonne Grove GMK6400 All Terrain crane.

The six axle GMK6400 features a five section 60 metre main boom, a 79 metre luffing jib and the company’s MegaWingLift boom guying system. Powered by a single engine with hydrostatic drive and Fuel Saver option, it is relatively compact and offers a choice of three outrigger positions, allowing it to set up where space is limited.

The new crane – which is now the largest crane in its fleet – went straight out on rent to one of the largest wind farms in New South Wales. Configured with a 49 metre main boom and 43 metres of luffing jib, together with the Mega Wing Lift attachment, the crane was used to replace a number of gearboxes, weighing 24 tonnes each, and lifting them to a height of 85 metres.
The GMK6400 is now the largest crane in the RAR Group's fleet

RAR group director Andrew Bodman said: “The GMK6400 was the perfect choice for this project because it has the best lifting capacity of any six axle crane, combined with small outrigger dimensions and a fast set up. All told this meant it had capacity, speed and size advantages over alternatives. Our operators also really like the crane because of the ease of rigging and smoothness of operation.”
The GMK6400 working on its first job at a large wind farm in New South Wales

Established in 1993 as Rumbles Cranes, Canberra-based RAR runs a fleet of mobile, tower and spider cranes across New South Wales. The company specialises in the erection of precast concrete and structural steel, tower crane erection and machinery movements.


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