Liebherr tops out NC-B range

Liebherr has added a 12 tonne flat top tower crane to its NC-B range – the NC-B 12-70.
The NC-B range has been designed for emerging markets and is built at the Liebherr CMCtec facility in Pune, India, which opened in 2012.

The NC-B 12-70 is the third and largest crane in the range - joining the six tonne 6-62 and nine tonne 9-62 - and features a maximum jib length of 70 metres with a jib tip capacity of two tonnes. Maximum free standing height is 53.2 metres, with standard and extended tower sections measuring 3.9 metres and 11.7 metres long respectively.

The new crane uses the 16 EC tower system, developed specifically for the NC-B cranes, with external dimensions of 1.6 metres square. A employs a specially designed hydraulic climbing unit, which can be used for internal and external climbing and is compatible with other Liebherr tower cranes.
The NC-B 12-70 is the third and largest crane in the NC-B range

Unlike other Liebherr flat top cranes, the NC-B models feature a full jib element, rather than a compact head, which the company claims helps reduce containerised transport costs.

A Liebherr 45kW frequency inverter hoist is standard, with empty hook speeds of 135 metres a minute, while an optional 75kW frequency inverter hoist offers speeds of up to 177 metres a minute. Additional features include Liebherr’s LiConnect jib connection system, which enables the jib to be shortened or extended quickly and easily in steps of five metres, and its Micromove system for fine positioning.
The NC-B range has been specifically developed for ‘metropolitan areas’ of emerging markets


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