Liebherr's new 120 tonne AT

Liebherr will launch a new 120 tonne four axle All Terrain crane at Conexpo next month, the LTM 1120-4.1.
The new crane boasts a seven section 66 metre main boom, the longest on a four axle mobile crane. It can manage a nine tonne load on the fully extended boom or 12.1 tonnes on a 60 metre boom, some 18 percent better than the manufacturer’s 100 tonne LTM 1100-4.1.
The new Liebherr LTM1100-4.1

A maximum tip height of almost 95 metres can be achieved with the bi-fold 10.8 to 19 metre swingaway extension, which can offset hydraulically by up to 40 degrees, and a seven metre lattice insert between boom nose and swingaway. In this configuration the crane has a maximum radius of 64 metres.

The optional VarioBallast system, adds a further 10 tonnes of counterweight to the standard 20 tonnes, while the counterweight radius adjusts hydraulically from 3.83 to 4.77 metres to suit available space or capacity requirements, or to allow a smaller counterweight to be transported. Axle loadings range from 12 tonnes with 2.5 tonnes of counterweight on board, to 13.5 with 6.5 tonnes, 14.5 with 10.1 tonnes or the maximum of 16.5 tonne axle loadings with 20 tonnes of counterweight on board. Total with VarioBallast is 31 tonnes.
The optional VarioBallast adds a further 10 tonnes of counterweight taking the total to 31 tonnes

The company’s Variobase adjustable outrigger set up and monitoring system is standard. Overall travel width is a whisker over 2.5 metres, with an overall length of just under 14.9 metres. Maximum outrigger spread is just over seven metres.

Power comes from a single six cylinder Liebherr Stage V/Tier 4 diesel located behind the carrier cab. It is matched to a ZF-TraXon transmission driving axles two, three and four, with all wheel steer. The company’s ECOdrive systems is standard to help reduce fuel consumption and noise, while its ECOmode system works with the load-sensing control system to calculate the ideal engine speed for the function speeds selected.

Deliveries will begin late in the third quarter


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