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The good in bad times

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to devastate the world, true colours are being shown and thankfully the vast majority are very encouraging and positive - although there are a few examples of companies reacting badly... but that’s for another time. For the most part individuals, companies and communities have come together (be it two metres apart) in an act of unity to try to overcome the worst effects of the crisis.

Within the industries we cover alone, numerous companies have stepped forward to do their bit as they look to try and help out where ever possible. The following is a brief, and by no means comprehensive, overview of just some of the ways companies have tried to help.

Chinese aerial lift manufacturer Sinoboom followed up on its donation of 136,000 medical grade facemasks to more than 730 companies throughout China – see: Sinoboom donates masks, by donating a further 100,000 masks to 34 countries around the world. It has also shared its experiences and measures taken in dealing with the crisis at its plant which is located close to the original epicentre in Wuhan. Its document, highlighting steps that companies can or need to take, can be found in the Safety Bulletin section of the Vertikal online Library.
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Tens of thousands of Sinoboom face masks ready to be shipped around the world

French vehicle mounted lift manufacturer Klubb has quickly developed a partition to separate drivers and passengers as well as a hand washing station which can be installed to the rear of its van mounted lifts, which are often required for critical work. Its UK distribution arm, Cumberland Platforms (CPL), has also been helping out by manufacturing face shields for health workers using its 3D printers.
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Klubb’s van partition and hand washing station

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CPL has been manufacturing face shields for the UK’s NHS

JCB worked quickly to design and produce a prototype steel cowling for the new ventilator that Dyson is developing in order to fulfil a 10,000 order from the UK government. It has also donated more than 8,000 masks and gloves to the Royal Stoke hospital and launched a food aid initiative which will see the company’s catering staff provide more than 37,500 meals a week to any vulnerable and disadvantaged people located close to their production facilities in both the UK and India.
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JCB’s prototype ventilation cowling for Dyson

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Jane Bullock of JCB helping prepare meals for the vulnerable and disadvantaged

Tadano Demag has donated more than 300 full protective suits, masks and medical grade safety glasses to a hospitals within the region of its manufacturing plant in Zweibrücken, Germany.
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A hospital in Zweibrücken taking delivery of the donations from Tadano Demag

In the US, Terex Utilities responded to requests from Lake Area Technical Institute for companies to help create parts needed for face shields using 3D printers. With printers only able to produce four bands every 13 hours, Terex, along with other companies, have been running their printers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help ease the burden. Collectively, more than 800 face shields and 100 masks have been distributed to health care providers in South Dakota and Minnesota so far.
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Terex Utilities putting its 3D printers to good use by manufacturing parts for face shields

Rental software providers Point of Rental and MCS have also reached out to customers to offer their respective electronic hands free signature products free of charge in an effort to minimise unnecessary contact and ensure safe distances are maintained for the delivery of critical rental equipment.
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MCS’s e-sign product is being offered free of charge to minimise unnecessary contact

In such troubling times it is good to see companies reacting where and when they can – however small the gesture. We applaud these efforts and encourage any companies or individuals to send us reports of the good work you, your company or others you know, to provide some good news in such bad times. Feel free to get in touch on: [email protected].

Remember, stay safe. We are all in this together – even if it is two metres apart.