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Tracked Haulotte mast

Haulotte has launched the 12.5ft Star 6C, a mast type lift with rubber tracks rather than wheels.
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The new Star 6C includes a 400mm roll-out extension

The new battery powered platform offers a working height of 5.8 metres, and a maximum platform capacity of 200kg – enough for two people and their tools for indoor applications and one person outdoors. A 400mm platform extension comes as standard as do AGM maintenance free batteries and the company’s Activ’Screen display and diagnostics.
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at 760mm wide and 1.44 metres long the Star 6C will fit most elevators

It measures 760mm wide, 1.44 metres in length and has a stowed height of 1.72 metres. Total weight is 1,175kg and chassis rail fork pockets make moving it around or loading it with a fork truck safe and easy.
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The rubber tracks not only make this a practical machine on rough ground, but it also offers significantly lower ground bearing pressures for working on sensitive flooring such as marble tiles.
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Low ground bearing pressures are good for delicate floors

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The machine can handle rough ground conditions

Gradeability is 25 percent with direct drive AC motors, and dual trunnion mounted mid track jockey wheels, helping keep the entire length of the track in contact with the ground, on both smooth and rough ground and allow it to track over kerbs. The Star 6C cannot drive when elevated.
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A central dual trunnion mounted jockey wheels help keep rubber on the ground

All components are said to be water proofed and easily accessible for maintenance while the four section mast is telescopic with a multistage hydraulic cylinder, so no chains or cables to inspect or maintain.
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The four section mast needs no chains or cables

Deliveries of the new platform are expected to begin in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region later this year.
To see how the machine tackles rough ground watch the video below:

Vertikal Comment

This looks like an excellent machine for certain applications such as working on sensitive floors or softer ground. This type of product has been around since the early 1990s, but mostly in Japan where tracked electric scissors and mast type lifts were once extremely popular. They have never sold particularly well in other regions however, but given the specification of this new model, perhaps this will change.


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