AIS Vanguard and Eurelo form JV

Two European industrial services companies - AIS Vanguard in the UK and Eurelo Tech. in Poland - have established a UK registered joint venture, AIS Eurelo, to offer heavy lift, industrial moving and logistics services across Europe.

AIS (Ainscough Industrial Services) Vanguard is based in Wigan in the UK and managed by majority shareholder Matt Ainscough. Eurelo is based in Łódź, Poland and was established in 2012 by husband and wife team Agnieszka Majcherska and Tomasz Majcherski. Majcherski started out as a domestic appliance engineer but joined NG Bailey as a project manager in 2007 and then contracts manager. He set up his own business as a freelance engineering and logistics project manager in 2010 when he first made contact with Vanguard and Matt Ainscough. The two have worked together on a number of projects since then.

The joint venture company was registered in the UK in January and is now active. In some ways it formalises an arrangement that has worked successfully for several years. For example when Eurelo won a contract in 2016 to dismantle and move a full production facility from the UK to China, it was on the basis that AIS Vanguard would work with the Łódź based business as its UK partner, providing additional equipment and staff. The plan now is to do more such international work allowing the two companies to better compete with the other pan European and global heavy lift and move companies.

Between them the two companies operate from nine locations across the UK, Poland, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with more than 200 employees, an in depth expertise and warehousing, along with a substantial range of equipment, including Megalift jacking systems, a variety of cranes and a wide range of skates, slings and chains. Services provided by AIS Eurelo will include factory relocations, machinery removals and installations, complex and technical lifting operations, as well as other industrial mechanical and electrical services and logistics.
The new joint venture has access to a wide variety of heavy lift equipment

Matt Ainscough said: “This is a watershed period for manufacturing and industrial companies of all kinds across the UK and Europe, with globalization, Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic all playing a role in evolving commercial and operational strategies. What that means for industrial services providers like us is a wealth of opportunity to support customers as they implement their strategies, which often means redeploying assets or even moving entire facilities from one location to another.”

“By combining the knowledge, experience and assets within the AIS Vanguard business with the capabilities and geographical reach of Eurelo Tech to create AIS Eurelo, we can offer an expert, Europe wide machinery installation and relocation service. The JV company can respond quickly, cost effectively and safely to customers’ requirements, delivering whatever they need wherever they need us.”

“AIS has been looking for opportunities to expand our geographical reach in Europe for some time now. We have worked with Eurelo Tech across the continent for more than 10 years and their business has grown from strength to strength in recent years, so a joint venture was the ideal scenario for both companies. This allows the new AIS Eurelo partnership access to a far larger, dynamic market and we plan to launch a controlled growth plan for our machinery movement & installation services across Europe over the coming years, utilising the resources of our existing businesses while introducing new capabilities. It’s a very exciting time.”


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