Artic upgrades Raptor

Swedish tower crane manufacturer Artic Cranes has upgraded its four tonne Raptor 84 articulating tower crane with the introduction of the five tonne Raptor 85.

Sharing a great deal of common componentry and tower system as the 84, the new 85 can take a five tonne load to a radius of 17.7 metres - a tonne more than the Raptor 84 - while its out of service radius has also been reduced by 100mm to 3.9 metres. Its maximum radius of 32 metres remains the same, as does its ability to lift four tonnes at 21 metres and two tonnes at 32 metres. The crane still offers the same 32 metre maximum free standing height on the standard 1.2 metre tower sections, while its maximum height is 100 metres.
Artic Cranes' upgraded Raptor 85 articulating tower crane

The first unit was delivered to Swedish crane rental company Skårs Gräv & Byggservice and was put straight to work on a site in Varberg. The crane has been mounted on a rail track in order to cover more of the one kilometre long site.
The cab of the Raptor 85

Skårs Gräv chief executive Mattias Turbo Johansson, said: “We choose the Raptor 85 because of its ability to work in restricted space. In Varberg the area is limited by the railway lines, buildings and trees next to the site. The Raptor Area Limit System is able to limit the crane’s work area, eliminating the risk of getting close to the railway’s electric lines.”
Skårs Gräv & Byggservice has taken delivery of the first Raptor 85

The new crane on its first job in Varberg, Sweden


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