Demags for Sarens Australia

Sarens has started taking delivery of three new All Terrain cranes with capacities ranging from 130 to 300 tonnes for its operation in Australia.

The order includes a 130 tonne AC130-5, a 250 tonne AC250-5 and a 300 tonne AC300-6. The five axle AC130-5 has already been delivered and features a 60 metre main boom, plus 11.4 to 21 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for an 80.8 metre tip height. The five axle AC250-5 features a 70 metre main boom and a 33 metre bi-bi-fold swingaway extension for a 101.8 metre tip height, while the six axle AC300-6 has a 78.8 metre boom and when fitted with its 46 metres of extensions boasts a 119.9 metre tip height these two units are due to arrive over the next month or two.
The first of Sarens Australia's new Demags

Sarens operates from three locations in Australia, two in the Brisbane area of Queensland and and one in Perth, Western Australia. The new cranes will be used to support the construction, mining and oil & gas industries on both the east and west coasts of Australia.
(L-R)James Greenwood of Tadano Demag, with Matt Arkinstall and Dave Smith of Sarens and Jason Perry of Tadano Demag


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