2020 OK for Bravi

Italian aerial lift manufacturer Bravi says that it closed 2020 with a very marginal increase in revenues compared to 2019.

While sales were significantly below its initial forecasts and hopes, it says that it has managed to improve its production/planning and sales efforts as well as the build quality, with the help of independent expert consultants and extra training for its staff. It is investing in most of the production changes recommended and is confident of halving machine production times, while also improving quality. An example of this is the purchase of a new machine designed for and dedicated to the manufacturing and assembly of the masts used in the lift mechanism for all of its platforms. The new fabrication hall which began production in October 2019 is now fully functional and meeting expected throughput levels.

In terms of new product launches last year the company introduced a number of new versions of existing models, including the new Leonardo HD with ANSI A92.20 compliance and a new telematics system, plus the new Sprint LP stock picker for bulky objects. In 2021 however it will focus on the introduction of new attachments and accessories rather than new products.


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