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Truck crane overturn

A truck crane overturned in Mesa, Arizona yesterday with the boom coming down on two mobile homes.

The crane, a boom truck derivative owned and operated by Gonzales Cranes, was working with 29 metres of boom extended and had reportedly been lifting electrical poles prior to it losing stability and overturning.
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The overturned crane

The crane was working with outriggers set up within the chassis width, the base appears to have been insufficient for the boom radius. Thankfully no one was hurt, although the operator was badly shaken up by the incident.

A four axle truck crane was called in the recover the overturned crane
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The outrigger beams were not extended

The video below shows the view from the ABC News helicopter:


Total idiot operator. Plenty of room to fully extend outriggers.
Or set up on next alley over which might have been a shorter reach.

With all the training, certifications in place today, I just don't understand how there are still numbskull operators who make stupid, ignorant decisions and choices.

That operator could have caused injury or death to innocent lives.
If I had my way he (or she) would be fined and or jailed !

Jan 30, 2021
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