PM loader for AP

UK haulage company A P Hollingworth has taken delivery of a 49.3 tonne/metre PM 57.526 SP loader crane.

Mounted on a Volvo FH 6x2 tractor unit, the crane can handle 11.5 tonnes at a radius of 4.3 metres, and 2,705kg at its maximum radius of 16.2 metres. The tractor unit was also supplied with a short 4.5 metre body, effectively turning it into a 26 tonne rigid unit which, the company says, is ideal for accessing hard to access areas such as electricity substations pumping houses.
A P Hollingworth's new 49.3 tonne/metre PM 57.526

The new unit will predominately be used within power generation, rail and tunnel maintenance, oil, gas and water supply sectors.
A 4.5 metre body can be installed using container type twist locks for it to operate as a 26 tonne rigid unit



Feb 4, 2021
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