Dropped load

A tower crane working on the new town hall in Herzogenaurach, on the north west side of Nuremburg, in Bavaria, Germany, dropped a bundle of rebar steel weighing close to a tonne onto a shop adjacent to the site yesterday.
The bundle is removed

Thankfully the building, which houses a home and a fashion shop, was unoccupied at the time and as a result no one was hurt in the incident. It is not clear what caused the crane - a Wolff 6031 Clear, owned by Meyer - to drop its load. The building permission for the project, which is being managed by the main contractor GS Schenk, clearly stipulates that the two cranes working on site are not to lift any loads over the neighbouring homes or business premises.
The site prior to the incident – the building that was hit is the behind the tree


So they made one mistake by tracking over a no go area, then 'dropped' a load & to cap it all the guy on the roof with no fall protection rehooking the load!

Feb 3, 2021
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