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Under the rainbow

Northern Irish tree surgeon Ian McClelland was trimming trees from his 26 metre Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIS spider lift when a rainbow appeared behind him. His client, the homeowner, spotted it and took a series of photographs before it faded away.
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Based in Ballymena, County Antrim, McClelland had only just taken delivery of a new Hinowa, replacing one he has run for several years. His company also runs a Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS, both of which were supplied by Hinowa distributor Access Platform Sales (APS).

McClelland said: "I had my head down busy at work so didn't know what was going on until after the rainbow had disappeared. But the pictures are great. The rainbow couldn't have been more perfectly placed. It made a relatively straightforward job quite special. We'll have to wait a very long time to get the same opportunity. No pot of gold this time either, but a great record of the occasion."
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"Access through narrow garden gates is part and parcel of our daily work, so having the Hinowa spiders is pretty essential if we want to work from platforms, which we do for safety and speed. Also, there are often other obstructions, like ponds, outhouses, sheds, plants and ornaments that we have to move around and work over. One or other of our Hinowas can cope with just about any situation. The Hinowa LL 26.14 is phenomenal for high tree work and the LL 20.10 has the advantage of being transportable on a trailer behind a 4x4 or van so we can get it anywhere off-road.”

The Lightlift 26.14 has up to 13.6 metres of outreach with its unrestricted platform capacity of 230kg and has an overall width when retracted of 990mm.

Have a safe end of the rainbow weekend.