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Smart tyre system from Liebherr

Liebherr has developed the Smart Tyre System to reduce tyre wear on its reachstackers.

Instead of using sensors to monitor tyre temperatures, the system estimates the temperature depending on the axle load and the speed of the reachstacker. When ‘critical’ temperatures are reached - which is when, the company says, tyre wear increases excessively - the system automatically reduces the speed of the reachstacker for a period of time to allow the tyres to cool. The speed of the reachstacker is then increased again once temperatures return to normal levels.
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Liebherr's new Smart Tyre System is available on its reachstackers

The company says that in some cases customers have permanently reduced the speeds of their reachstackera to prevent overheating and premature wear, resulting in a loss of performance and efficiency, and that by only reducing speeds when necessary it avoids such circumstances.


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