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Crane travel overturn

A crane operator was badly hurt when his crane rolled on a road near Stuarts Points - north of Port Macquarie - in New South Wales, Australia this morning..
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The scene facing fire & rescue photo courtesy Macksville Fire & Rescue

The crane, a 25 tonne Franna owned and operated by Mid Coast Cranes, was reported to have been travelling at around 35 to 40mph (55 to 65kph) when the operator lost control and the crane ended up on its side. The operator/driver suffered a head injury and was taken to hospital for treatment, although his injuries are not thought to be too serious.

A four axle Grove GMK4100L All Terrain crane and another Franna were sent by Mid Coast to recover the stricken crane.
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The cribbing of the GMK4100L highlights the camber of the road

The recovery was organised by Macksville Fire & Rescue which also had to clean and arrange for repairs to the road surface.
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photo courtesy Macksville Fire & Rescue


Miles per hour ? In Australia? That isn't right...

Feb 18, 2021
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