AC 55s for Peinemann

Dutch sales and rental company Peinemann has taken delivery of a further two 55 tonne Demag AC 55-3 All Terrain cranes.

Joining three AC 55-3s in the company's fleet, the new cranes feature a six section 50 metre main boom plus a 24 tonne runner extension. The boom can also be lowered five degrees below horizontal for easy rigging from the ground. Both cranes feature the company’s Flex Base system, which allows each outrigger beam to be extended to any position, which combines with its IC-1 Plus control system to create a custom load chart depending on the actual outrigger positions.

Company owner Peter Peinemann, said: “The excellent performance of the Demag three axle units has definitely won us over – they really have proven their worth time and time again, especially in projects at petrochemical facilities.”
One of Peinemann's new Demag AC 55-3s

Gertjan van de Werken, head of the crane division added: “What we are really interested in is seeing how the innovative IC-1 Plus control system together with the Flex Base improves the cranes’ performance. With Flex Base, the outriggers can be positioned at any point in their available range. And the truth is that our crane operators are dying to use this feature.”

Established in 1954, family owned Peinemann runs a fleet of more than 4,500 aerial work platforms, cranes and heavy transportation vehicles. Based in Hoogvliet, near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, it operates in 12 other countries around the world.


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