First Moritsch RTL 195 for UK

Italian tower crane company Moritsch has started shipping its new 16 tonne RTL 195 luffing jib crane.

Announced last year the new crane has a maximum jib length of 50 metres, providing a job tip radius of 55 metres at which it can lift up to 2.42 tonnes. The jib can luff up to 82 degrees to provide a minimum out of service radius of just over eight metres with the 55 metre jib. Tailswing is 7.58 metres. The maximum 16 tonne capacity is available at a radius of up to 20.5 metres. Maximum lift speed is 120 metres a minute with two falls, or 60 metres in four fall configuration.

The new crane can be erected on either the TM 21.6 or TM 21.12 box type towers with twin pins, for a maximum free standing height of 68 metres. The crane is also equipped with a new cab design which is wider and longer with improved visibility. It also features a deluxe Grammer seat and Gessman joy-stick controls. With a choice of seven or 10 inch display screens, and air conditioning.

UK dealer and rental company Heathrow Cranes has ordered four cranes, but the first five units have been sold directly to HG Construction, with the first crane due to be erected in London next weekend.

Speaking of the new crane Mariano Moritsch said: “We compared the only advantage of hydraulic luffing jib cranes, reduced out of service radius, with the main disadvantages, such as oil leakages, a general complicated maintenance (in particular that of the hoist winch, often positioned in the luffed boom) and above all the size limitations that engineers encounter when designing large hydraulic luffing jib cranes, as hydraulic units would become too complicated and expensive.”

Heathrow Cranes was established in 2014 by current owners Albert Dravins and Eamonn Scanlon who have worked together on a number of ventures including Modebest Builders which they set up in 1994. It is based on a five acre builders yard in Cranford, near Heathrow Airport. It is also associated with Heathrow Plant and Heathrow Concrete Pumping


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