Demag for F.A.C

Sicilian/Italian crane rental company F.A.C has taken delivery of a new 220 tonne Demag AC 220-5 to further expand its fleet.

The five axle AC 220-5 features an eight section 78 metre main boom plus an 11.4 to 21 metre bi-fold swingaway extension which offsets up to 40 degrees, and offers a maximum tip height of 102 metres.
The F.A.C fleet now includes six Demag cranes

F.A.C general manager Claudio Pompeano, said: “We are doing a lot of jobs at petrochemical industry facilities, and Demag cranes are simply unbeatable there as a result of their compact dimensions and long main booms. In combination with the IC-1 Plus control system, this makes the AC 220-5 the best choice for us – no contest. And on top of that, it can be set up very easily and quickly.”
(L-R) Antonio, Franco and Claudio Pompeano of F.A.C

Tadano Demag Italy’s business leader, Davide Camperi, added: “Family owned F.A.C. is a great business partner. We are proud to be able to further their business success with our products and services.”

Founded in 1999, F.A.C is run by Franco, Antonion and Claudio Pompeano from its base in Augusta, on the east coast of Sicily. With numerous petrochemical industry facilities in the area the company predominantly carries out maintenance and assembly work in the sector.


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