Safety check for CMC 83HD+/S-25ND+

CMC has now made issued an updated and mandatory bulletin that asks owners to take all 25 metre 83HD/S-25HD+ and the 28 metre S28/92HD+ derivatives out of service in order to install a weld retrofit to reinforce the base of the top boom. See bulletin Number 2021001. Some machines will have already been modified. The new bulletin supersedes all previous ones relating to this issue.

Italian spider lift manufacturer CMC has issued a non-mandatory update for its 25 metre 83HD+ spider lift that is sold in North America. In Europe this machine is the S25, but the company says that the S25 is not affected.

The move follows a serious incident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last month in which there was a structural failure near the base of the upper boom, on a machine used for tree work (see: Fundraiser for injured arborist) which resulted in the operator being very seriously injured.

The bulletin can either be viewed in our library or by clinking on the following link: CMC Service Bulletin SB001.

Essentially it calls on all owners to inspect the underside of the upper boom as indicated in the image below, and in instance they discover any damage to take the machine out of service and carry out a repair. The bulletin adds: “If the boom has no evident damage on the bottom part, the boom can be considered safe and can be used according with technical requirements and regulations.”

The ‘structural update’ or repair can be carried out by competent owners or their dealer, or they can contact CMC to perform it free of charge. The manufacturer is also clear to point out that when used as per the operator’s manual there is no risk of failure it also adds that machines should always be inspected regularly for any signs of structural stress.
We have contacted both the manufacturer and the the US dealer All Access Equipment and have been assured that customers have been contacted in writing with follow up telephone calls and that a new statement will be issued in the next few days.

We will of course follow up if that are any changes, but the bulletin is clear and self explanatory.


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