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Johnson Arabia expands

UAE crane and access rental company Johnson Arabia has opened a new IPAF training centre in Abu Dhabi and has added to its Rough Terrain and spider crane fleet.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company would transfer groups of training delegates from Abu Dhabi to its Dubai location, approximately an hour away. However, in a bid to offer training that is more locally accessible for Abu Dhabi based customers, it will now provide IPAF training from its Abu Dhabi depot located in the Musaffah industrial area. Courses will be held on a weekly basis with reduced numbers in accordance to Covid guidelines.
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John Arabia will now offer IPAF training from its Abu Dhabi location

The company has also added two 100 tonne Grove GRT 8100 Rough Terrain cranes, which feature a 47 metre main boom and a 17 metre bi-fold swingaway extension - with up to 40 degrees of offset - to offer a maximum tip height of around 67 metres. Following the introduction of spider cranes to its fleet last year (see: Johnson adds spiders), the company has also added a further 3.83 tonne Maeda 405 with a second likely to follow.
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Two new Grove GRT 8100 cranes to meet demand from the oil & gas sector

The company said the Rough Terrain cranes have been purchased to meet growing demand from the oil & gas sector, while the spider cranes will predominately be used to erect pavilions for the Dubai Expo later this year, as well as for shopping centre refurbishments and glazing applications.

This move comes shortly after the company opened a new depot in Muscat, Oman and ordered more than 110 aerial work platforms for its fleet – see: More platforms for Johnson Arabia.