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15.5t Jekko for Goitese

Italian transport company Goitese Trasporti has taken delivery of a 15.5 tonne Jekko JF545 spider crane.

The JF545 has a maximum tip height of over 30 metres and can handle 2.5 tonne at 16 metres and 600kg at its maximum radius of 28 metres. Weighing 15,500kg, it has an overall width of 1.84 metres and an overall length of 5.4 metres. The crane was also supplied with a platform attachment with a 200kg platform capacity, a vacuum lifter, a three tonne V30 winch and a 20 tonne lifting beam.
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Goitese Trasporti's new 15.5 tonne Jekko JF545 spider crane

Diego Brutti of Goitese Trasporti, said: "We have chosen Jekko because, among all the lifting solutions available on the market, it has many strengths, like an astonishing stabilising system, and it delivers excellent performance. We think the JF545 offers many possibilities and high versatility, and we look forward to using our new machine. We have already received some commissions in construction, and we are going to use the Jekko crane also for maintenance and to move machinery, an industry we are specialising in."

Based in Goito, between Milan and Venice, Goitese Trasporti provides lifting, relocation and haulage services and has a fleet of loader cranes with capacities up to 30 tonnes.