400t flagship for Cunzolo

Brazilian crane rental company Cunzolo has taken delivery of a 400 tonne Tadano ATF 400G-6 All Terrain crane.

The six axle crane features a five section 60 metre main boom and has been ordered with a 13.5 to 49.5 meter fixed jib, which is offsettable by up to 40 degrees, plus a 78.5 metre luffing jib and Tadano's optional Power System (PS) boom suspension system for increased capacities.

It offers a maximum tip height of 122 metres and can handle 2,100kg at its maximum radius of 86 metres. The new crane tops the company’s previous 'flagship crane' a 220 tonne ATF 220, by some distance. The company says its new flagship allows it to win work in the cargo handling, industrial and transportation sectors.
The Tadano ATF 400G-6 is now the largest crane in Cunzolo's fleet

General director Marcos Cunzolo “With the new Tadano ATF 400G-6, we’ll now be able to also meet the needs of customers who would have happily asked for a crane of this capacity class earlier on. Needless to say, we’ll also be able to win over potential customers that originally never contacted us because we were missing a crane of this size in our fleet. Thanks to the ATF 400G-6, we’ll now be able to add a whole series of lifts to our range of available services.”
(L-R) Marcos Cunzolo and Anilton Leite of Tadano with Rodolfo Cunzolo, Masatoshi Hirano of Tadano and Renata Cunzolo

With dual headquarters in São José dos Campos and Campinas, Cunzolo runs a large fleet of All Terrain, truck, Rough Terrain, loader and pick & cranes from its locations in Sorocaba, Taubaté, and Três Lagoas. It purchased its first Tadano crane - a 16 tonne TS 180L - in 1978 and currently runs a fleet of 15 Tadano cranes.


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