100t Tadano for one crane band

German crane rental and recovery company R. Moll Abschleppdienst has taken delivery of a 100 tonne Tadano ATF 100G-4 All Terrain crane.

Replacing a 90 tonne ATF 90 as the only crane in the company's fleet, the four axle ATF 100G-4 has a 51 metre main boom topped by a 10 to 18 metre bi-fold swingaway. It offers a maximum lift height of 71 metres and a maximum radius of 58 metres. It can also travel with 12 tonne axle loads with either six tonnes of counterweight and its bi-fold swingaway or 7.6 tonnes of counterweight.

Owner Rolf Moll, said: “The ability to travel with up to 7.6 tonnes of counterweight makes the ATF 100G the strongest taxi crane, in my opinion. The lifting capacity tables are just outstanding. And since we only have one All Terrain crane in our fleet, it has to be as flexible as possible. This is where the high performance of this crane comes into its own, as it’s suitable for virtually any application whether it’s a salvaging mission or a construction site. That’s what makes it perfect for our needs.”
R. Moll swapping out its 90 tonne Tadano for its new 100 tonne ATF 100G-4

Established in 1988, family run R. Moll specialises in salvaging and towing and crane rental from its location in Stockach, close to the border with Switzerland. It has always been a ‘one crane band’, having started out with a 50 tonne Tadano in 2000 and upgrading for a 60, 90 and now a 100 tonne Tadano.


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