Trio of heavy lifts

Dutch international heavy lift company Mammoet has carried out three big lifts with its PT 5O ring crane at India’s Paradip Refinery in the town of Paradip, Odisha state, south of Kolkata on the country’s east coast.

The lifts were part of an expansion project, due to complete in October and included a 646 tonne de-ethyleniser, a 1,141 tonne wash tower column and a 1,185 tonne ethylene-oxide reactor, all of which were lifted whole and fully assembled from with one relocation. The crane was rigged with 90.4 metres of boom and 1,500 tonnes of ballast with 29.7 metres of luffing jib, which offers a capacity of 1,477 tonnes at a 26 metre radius. As a result of using one large crane, the time taken to install the vessels was two to three days instead of three weeks. The method also improved safety by reducing the amount of working at height.
Mammoet’s PT 50 in action at the Paradip Refinery in Odisha

A spokesman for the client, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, said: “The use of Mammoet’s PT 50 ring crane, over a crawler crane, allowed our components to be lifted each as single modules. This resulted in minimal disruption to our construction plans and brought about savings in our overall construction lead time.”

The expansion plan will add a monothylene glycol plant to the facility, broadening the range of products it can produce.


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