Third 104m Bronto for Jalo & Jalo

Finnish rental company Jalo & Jalo has taken delivery of a brand new, redesigned 104 metre Bronto S104HLA truck mounted work platform.

The new machine offers up to 33 metres of outreach at an up & over height of 17 metres, maximum up & over height is 64 metres with an outreach of 25 metres. The unit is equipped with the extendable cage option which hydraulically extends the platform width from 2.4 to 3.7 metres. Maximum platform capacity is 600kg which is available for most of the working envelope - in fact all but that last two metres of outreach. Other options specified include hydraulic and water outlets in the platform, a material winch, generator and emergency back-up system.
Sami Jalo with the new improved Bronto S104HLA

The S104HLA is mounted on a six axle Volvo 12x4/8 chassis with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 63.5 tonnes with axle weights well under 12 tonnes. Unlike the older S104s the chassis cab has not been needed to be lowered in front of the front axle, which reduced the approach angle. The older units were also too heavy for the Norwegian road regulations, while this one is well suited.
The older Bronto S104HLAs had their cabs lowered and moved forward, which made for a low approach angle

Turku-based Jalo & Jalo operates from five locations in Finland and one in Stockholm, Sweden, following the acquisition of Stockholm's Höjdliftar (SHL) in 2020. Its fleet of more than 60 truck mounted aerial platforms including four 90 metre Bronto S90HLAs and three 104 Bronto S104HLAs including this new model. The big truck mounts travel all over the Nordic region for work.

Chief executive Sami Jalo said: “We are extremely busy at the moment. All our current aerials are deployed, and we are recruiting 11 new operators. This S104HLA will help us not only in windfarms, but also on façade work and construction worksites.”

“The new unit will be deployed immediately. It will start with a large construction worksite in Finland and then take off to Sweden to continue serving our customer base there through our local branch, Svenska Höjdliftare.”


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