Tadano's new 16t G5 Crevo

Tadano has launched a new 16 tonne fifth generation Rough Terrain/city type crane for the domestic Japanese market, the GR-160N/Crevo 160 G5.

The first Crevo (Crane Evolution) was launched in 1995. The new crane is the second model in the new fifth generation 'G5' Series, following the launch of a 25 tonne Crevo 250 G5 last year – See: New 25t Tadano for Japan.
The new Tadano Crevo G5/GR-160N

Visually the new crane looks like the previous generations of classic Japanese city type All Terrains with road going tyres and a road speed of almost 50kph/30mph. The crane has a slightly longer 28 metre six section boom thanks to its predecessor, that elevates to 82.5 degrees and topped by a 4.5 to 6.9 telescopic underslung jib that offsets to 60 degrees. Maximum tip height is just under 38 metres.

Power comes from an EU Stage V diesel which offers improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. This is also helped by a range of features including automatic engine stop, automatic acceleration that controls the engine speed according to the degree of crane function lever movement, and automatic pump stop that cuts the PTO drive to the pump when the crane is not being operated.

Visibility from the cab has been improved with a better glazed area and cab sight lines, plus additional cameras around the crane for improved travel safety, particularly in urban areas when driving alongside cyclists and pedestrians. This also includes a ‘Human alert system’ that detects and warns the driver when people are present in the proximity of the crane, both on the road and on site.
The display while travelling with ‘Human Alert’ system activated

Improvements have also been made to the crane operating systems, with new ‘Feel’ adjustments in addition to the existing speed adjustments, said to match the operator's perception through greater sensitivity adjustments. The net result is more precise and sensitive controls. The crane operating information and set up functions are displayed on a 12.1 inch colour LCD touchscreen that uses materials that prevent scatter reflection and condensation and are resistant to impact. Because the touchscreen panel is an electrostatic capacitance type, it can be operated in a way that feels similar to a smartphone.

An optional radio remote controller is available that can be used to set or stow the outriggers, auto hook and jib stowage. It includes a 2.7 inch reflection type colour display screen giving good visibility even outdoors on a sunny day. Digital data includes ‘Lift API’, ‘BIM modelling’, ‘Tadano Hello-Net’ telematics and web-based information service, and ‘Hello-Data Link’ smartphone app.
The optional radio remote controller

The crane has an overall length on the road of 8.31 metres, with an overall width of 2.2 metres and overall height of 3.43 metres. The outrigger spread is automatically detected and fed into the crane system and offers six working widths from 2.7 to 5.8 metres. Tailswing beyond the chassis is 1.29 metres and total weight, fully equipped is 19.8 tonnes, evenly spread over the two axles. Top speed is 49kph /30mph.

The video below demonstrates some of the features:


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