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JBHXR to distribute EWP simulator in Oz

Canadian aerial lift training simulator supplier Serious Labs has teamed up with Australia’s JBHXR to distribute Serious Lab’s ‘MEWP VR Simulator’ and bring virtual reality training and testing to the Australian market.

Founded as the digital training arm of JB Hunter in 2020, JBHXR is based in the Maryville suburb of Newcastle in New South Wales and focuses on the design, development and delivery of immersive extended reality (XR) learning solutions. As part of the partnership, it will have exclusive rights to distribute and train with Serious Labs’ VR Simulators in Australia.
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The latest Serious Labs aerial lift training simulator

JBHXR chief operating officer Ian Tennant said: “We are thrilled to be working with an industry leader like Serious Labs to provide this kind of leading edge training and equipment. The MEWP VR Simulator is a whole new way of doing EWP assessments, learning, and verification of competency, with capabilities that have never been available before. It is safe, cost-effective, and provides objective scoring and assessment for everyone.”

With a high level of predictivity, safety organisations in North America and Europe such as IPAF, are allowing users to earn their operating credentials with VR.
Serious Labs chief executive Jim Colvin added: “We are thrilled to be working with JBHXR to provide this leading edge training and distribute MEWP simulators throughout Australia. The team at JBHXR brings strong training skills, technical knowledge, and strategic vision, and that is the perfect combination to introduce these valuable products to the Australian market.”

JBHXR and JB Hunter work together to develop and deploy digital training solutions, including online and virtual reality, with the aim to bring highly immersive real world safety training to Australian businesses.