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Dingli extends Oil-Free scissor range

Dingli has announced three more all-electric scissor lifts to its ‘Oil-Free’ free line up.
They include the 20ft JCPT0808PA, 26ft JCPT1008PA Narrow and 26ft JCPT1012PA Wide with working heights of eight and 10 metres and overall widths of 830mm and 1.15 metres respectively. All three have an overall length of 2.48 metres.
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The top of the line JCPT1012PA

The new models join the original four Dingli Oil-Free scissor lifts launched in April See: ‘No Oil Dinglis’ which included working heights of 5.1, 5.6, 7.6 and 7.8 metres. All of which use electric actuators in place of hydraulic cylinders for lifting, lowering and steering.
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The company claims that its Oil-Free concept - now proven in the real world - is cleaner by eliminating any chance of leaks, while dramatically reducing power consumption and simplifying maintenance. It also claims that they are smoother and quieter as well as being more sustainable.
The details of the three new models is as follows:
20ft JCPT0808PA Working height: 8m, overall width 830mm, platform capacity 380kg
26ft JCPT1008PA Working height: 10m, overall width 830mm, platform capacity 230kg
26ft JCPT1012PAWorking height: 10m, overall width 1.15m, platform capacity 450kg