24 Tadano ATs for Sarens

Belgian international heavy lift specialist Sarens has ordered 24 new Tadano All Terrain cranes for its subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Poland, the UK and Australia.

The order includes six units each of the 55 tonne, three axle AC 3.055-1, 80 tonne/four axle AC 4.080-1 and 130 tonne/five axle AC 5.130-1, along with three four axle 100 tonne AC 4.100-4L, one five axle 160 tonne AC 5.160-1, one 220 tonne/five axle AC 5.220L-1 and one 250 tonne AC 5.250-1.
The 250t AC 5.250-1

In addition to the cranes the company has ordered six E-Pack electrical power packs for use with the AC 3.055-1 and AC 4.080-1 cranes.
The 55t AC 3.055-1

Equipment trade manager Jan Sarens said: “We selected Tadano All Terrain cranes because they are simply the benchmark for us in terms of performance and reliability in many areas of their respective classes. Furthermore, our commitment to minimise our carbon footprint encouraged us to add the six E-Packs to the order which fit perfectly into our strategy of green crane operation. They take our efforts a great step forward and of course our customers will also benefit from this."
Jan Sarens (L) with Giuseppe Pompeo

Tadano key account director Giuseppe Pompeo added: "We consider this major order from Sarens as a great sign of confidence in the quality of our products, but even more as a sign of trust in our company’s strategy and ongoing ‘OneTadano’ integration process."


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