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Big wheels for Dingli oil free micros

Dingli has announced two larger wheeled versions of its two ‘Oil-Free’ micro scissors, the 12ft JCPT0607PAH and 18ft JCPT0708PAH.
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The new 18.4ft JCPT0708PAH

The new machines use a chassis design similar to that used on the larger Oil-Free models announced last month. The specifications remain pretty much the same as the original models, including the working heights of 5.6 and 7.6 metres, with capacities of 240kg and 230kg respectively, although the stowed heights are up to 80mm higher at 1.69 and 1.73 metres, while the overall weight has gained 30kg and 40kg taking them to 950kg and 1,340kg.
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the 12ft JCPT0607PAH

The larger wheels make these two, potentially high volume models more practical for typical job sites or industrial plants where the ground, while smooth firm and level is not ideal for small diameter wheels, or where small obstacles, such as cables are prevalent. It will also provide a smoother ride with the machine rolling more easily it might also conserve power. The rest of the running gear remains the same, with electric motors or screw type actuators instead of hydraulic cylinders or motors, making them cleaner and more efficient.
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The small and larger wheeled Oil-Free models

We understand that initially the company will continue to offer the small wheel versions for those who want or need the slightly lower overall height and weight. We imagine that the introduction of a larger wheel model came from initial feedback from customers and in order to increase parts commonality with the new larger models.