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Schiller leaves Tadano

Tadano chief marketing officer Ingo Schiller has confirmed his departure from the company after almost seven years with the company.

Schiller joined Tadano America in 2016 as executive vice president and the following year was promoted to chief executive of the American business. He was also appointed as a director of Tadano’s overall executive board, one of only two non-Japanese board members along with Jens Ennen. A year ago, he handed over the chief executive’s role to Shinichi Iimura and the day to day management to Dean Barley as chief operating officer.
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Ingo Schiller

The decision on the departure of both Schiller and Ennen was taken in December, and announced internally along with a number of other management changes. At the same time Kenichi Sawada was appointed to head the European business.

Speaking of his departure Schiller said: "After almost seven years, I will be leaving Tadano on February 1, 2023. Working in the Tadano group has been an honour and a fantastic experience. It was a privilege to work in the Pan-America region and for Tadano Ltd. to operate worldwide. Working across many cultures, markets and industries made my time at Tadano fly by far too quickly. I would like to thank the Tadano company and my employees again and wish you all the best.”

Vertikal Comment

This appears to be something of a shift in corporate management philosophy from Tadano chief executive Toshiaki Ujiie. In recent years the company had seemed to be on the road to greater corporate internationalisation and a more cosmopolitan executive board - something that tends to be rare with Japanese companies.

At Bauma Toshiaki Ujiie did stress that the immediate focus going forward was to create a globally consistent company, where production efficiencies, service and product quality were the same no matter where in the world a Tadano product is designed or built. Perhaps this is part of that strategy?