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What are they doing?

One of our readers asked a question that hopefully one of you can answer specifically, regarding the use of a platform in an aviation related application.

The photograph shows a Manitou 360 degree telehandler with a platform and material handling davit, working on a Quantas Airbus A380. It looks as though two inspection panels have been removed, so one assumes that they are carrying out a series of inspections, checks and routine maintenance.
Can you be more specific than we are able?
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If anyone can enlighten us further - perhaps those actually carrying out the work? Then we would love to hear from your either in a comment or via email to [email protected].


Although I've only worked on Boeing aircraft, the position of the lower panel would be where the overwing emergency slide would be, they could be either removing/refitting the slide pack or preparing to blow the slide which has to be carried over certain time periods.

Mar 4, 2023

Silent P
This MRT is fitted with a platform and a winch.
It was designed to remove the overwind slides on the A380

Mar 2, 2023

vertikal editor
Thank you but ....what we were looking for is what maintenance or other work are they doing on the aircraft.. but thank you for providing the details on the telehandler attachment.

Mar 1, 2023

Mads Lift & Loft Denmark
It's a standard basket that Manitou produces that are allowed to both carry people and lift materials.

It's a great tool for the people who knows how to use it :)

Platform with winch link:

Feb 28, 2023