Sneak preview of record breaking boom lift

We have received photographs of a new 224ft (70m working height) telescopic self-propeled boom lift developed by Chinese crane and aerial lift manufacturer XCMG.

The new mega boom is currently on test and will, we understand, be ready for launch early next year. While we have received a few photographs of the new machine, we have little to no detail regarding its specifications. XCMG staff we asked did not wish to comment on the existence of such a machine, although it has definitely been discussed with potential lead customers in Europe.

We understand that the XGS70K will have a working height of 70 metres, with a five section boom and three section heavy duty articulating telescopic jib.

If our sources are correct, and we have no reason to doubt them, the new machine has been designed from the outset to European standards, with at least the first five or six units shipping to Europe in early 2024. This Europe first policy differs with the two other manufacturers of boom lifts with working heights of 65 metres or more – the 210ft Snorkel 2100SJ, units of which have been working on local sites in Las Vegas, as part of a pre-production test programme, and the 217ft Zoomlion ZT68J units of which are working on specific job sites in China and not yet treated as a production machine for overseas markets.
familiar chassis set up

Given the competitive relationship between Zoomlion and XCMG we would have expected the new boom –to offer a simialr outreach to the ZT68J of around 30 metres, although with a lower overall weight - a little less than 30 tonnes - it is closer to Zoomlion’s more practical 187ft ZT58J - in which case the outreach may well be closer to 25 metres. As with all of the largest self-propelled boom lifts, the chassis uses the swing out ‘leg’ concept originally pioneered by Genie, that can more than double the machine's overall travel width, while reducing the overall chassis length.
As with the Snorkel 2100SJ, the wheels can turn at least 90 degrees or so to allow the legs to be driven out without scrubbing. Although we understand that the XCMG uses a different design concept.
the new lift is said to weigh in at under 30 tonnes

That’s it for now, as so far this is everything we know. XCMG will be exhibiting next week at Vertikal Days, where it will launch its partnership with the new Genesis division of the Ballyvesey group. So, plenty of chance to ask questions about this new beast.

Vertikal Comment

The big issue with such large machines is moving them around with relatively normal forms of transport, while 70 metre truck mounted lifts are quite commonplace these days and dimensionally not so different to these monster self propelleds, while having a potentially lighter load bearing footprint.

One question is how soon might JLG and Genie - currently topping out at 185/186ft - move into this new mega boom market? From what we have heard so far, no time soon. The development costs are simply too high in relation to the potential unit volumes and with large product lines to keep updated it is not currenlty a commercially viable priority.


Quite lot ground pressure per wheel... 7.5tons to be exact.

May 6, 2023

Frazer Drive
The Chinese are stealing the Americans lunch, and they seem happy to sit back and let it happen.

May 5, 2023