DICA partners with Hydro Mobile

US outrigger mat and rigging block manufacturer Dica has worked with Canadian mast climber manufacturer Hydro Mobile, to develop ‘Safetytech Support Pads’, for mast climbers.
Each pad – mat - weighs around 26.5kg and features four recessed Hi-Viz green ‘TuffGrip’ handles for easier handling and storage.
The Safetytech Support Pad

Dica chief executive, Kris Koberg said: “When Hydro Mobile wanted a single pad design made from our patented thermoplastic material that was lightweight, durable, and would work with all four series of its mast climbers, we knew we had a challenge. We worked with them to define their needs and ground bearing pressure criteria to ensure the support pad could work in multiple configurations based on the equipment being used.”
A Hydromobile M series mast climber

Rob Faro of Hydro Mobile added: “We started working with DICA in 2017 to develop a pad that would provide effective support for our M2 series. Earlier this year, we decided to partner with Dica again to modify the Safetytech to work with all four of our product lines.”