High altitude tower

A new Terex FC 6.24H tower crane was installed at an altitude of 2,601 metres at the Principe Pass Refuge using a helicopter.

The flat top crane will be used to build an extension and help with renovation of the refuge in the Italian Dolomites west of Bolzano. The refuge is located at the bottom of the highest summit in the range, the Catinaccio d'Antermoia – Kesselkogel and is a point of rest and refreshment for those exploring the high peaks.

The refuge was first built by Francesco Kofler of Campitello di Fassa in 1952, the building was made in the valley, disassembled and carried up the mountain and reassembled. Father and son mountain guides Sergio and Daniele Rosi purchased it in 20006 and completely renovated it. The structure - one of the most beautiful and frequented places during the summer months - preserves the authenticity of the refuge and boasts a bar, restaurant and 25 beds.
The Refuge

The 1.5 tonne capacity Terex FC 6.24H crane was ordered by the contractor Pollini Andrea to help build an extension to the refuge, in time to open at the end of next year. Since the site can only be reached by foot, material must be manually carried to the site, or for heavier goods, via a wheelbarrow. Pollini sourced the crane from Tecnoedil Noleggi of Trento, based on the fact that its components are light enough for a helicopter and easy to assemble. The helicopter was supplied by Elikos Helicopter service.
The crane is unloaded at the end of the road further down the valley

The crane was unloaded and partly assembled further down the valley, and carefully weighed in order to make up pre-assemblies suitable for the helicopter's capacity and yet minimise the number of trips, while also allowing the crane to be assembled as quickly as possible. They slung with care and their balance checked. The planning and coordination between the erectors and the helicopter operator, enables it to be completed in an hour.
Another jib section is installed

The FC 6.24H jib has a 24 metre jib, with a maximum jib tip capacity of 600kg, it has a maximum freestanding height of 26 metres or 43.1 metres when anchored. The crane can self-assemble with the aid of an integral hydraulic cylinder, the ballasted base is 2.5 metres square and can also be mounted on a 1.2 metre square concrete foundation.

Terex self-erecting tower crane specialist Luca Zanut said: “The Terex FC 6.24H crane is unique in the market and features a patented assembly system that makes it an effective and indispensable tool on construction sites in inaccessible areas, such as mountain huts or those with difficult access roads, as well as in historical centres between buildings and very narrow streets. Assembling the crane at Principe Pass Refuge was quick and easy, thanks to the various components being lightweight and easy to handle, alongside the support of highly skilled technicians. It is wonderful to see our Terex FC 6.24H crane performing in such a captivating location, and we look forward to continuing our support of this important project through to its completion next year.”