Lifting at world’s largest PDH plant

The world's largest Propane Dehydration plant is currently under construction in Saudi Arabia as part of its efforts to diversify its economy.

Samsung Engineering for Advanced Polyolefins is currently building the new facility in Jubail Industrial City. When operational it will have the capacity to produce more than 840,000 metric tones of propylene each year increasing Saudi Arabia’s total propylene output by more than 60 percent.
The 46m x 33m rack modules weigh 1,900 tonnes

Mammoet has been contracted to transport and install all key modules and components including moving 15 pipe rack modules weighing up to 1,900 tonnes each and measuring 46 metres long by 33 metres high, from the production yard in the UAE to the work site, including the last 26 kilometres from the dock to the site.
4,000t gantry towers lift the top of the 1,600t 129m high splitter column, while the CC6800 'tails-in' the base

The project includes 125 heavy lifts, the most challenging of which was installing the 129 metre long, by 10 metres wide 1,6000 tonne splitter. The company chose to use a twin tower gantry lifting system configured to handle loads up to 4,000 tonnes. A 1,250 tonne Demag CC6800 with 850 tonnes counterweight was used to ‘tail in’ the column, as the hydraulic jacking system lifted the top of the column.
Lowering into place to secure

The facility is due to become operational from 2024.