Moving 88 turbine components

UK heavy lift and haulage company Collett & Sons has delivered 88 wind turbine components to the Drumlins Park Wind Farm project in County Monaghan, Ireland.
A blade being transported on a super wing carrier

Collett employed its specialised fleet of trailers, utilising super wing carriers for the transportation of the 65 metre long blades, flattop trailers for the additional 15 metre blade tips and tower clamp trailers for the various tower sections - base, middle C, B and A plus the top section. The top section was the longest at 28 metres while the heaviest section was the base at 62 tonnes.
Components on the move

In total 88 components were loaded at Belview Port in Waterford and transported the 199 miles to the wind farm site overnight, taking a total of nine hours.
The blades being transported

Collett convoy carrying the tower sections

Drumlins Park will generate up to 49 megawatts of energy when it goes live next year, enough to meet the needs of 34,000 homes and offset 58,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. The site is being built by Energia Renewables, part of Energia Group which owns and operates 16 wind farms across Ireland.

Collett is based in Halifax with yards in Elland, Bradford, Goole and Grangemouth in Scotland, as well as an office in Dublin, Ireland. It can trace its roots back to 1928 when Richard Collett began by transporting his and other farmers milk to the dairy by horse and cart near Keighley. In 1933 he purchased his first wagon and by the 70’s the company had moved into general haulage and heavy transportation. More recently it has added the supply of craneage, along with heavy lift, contract lifts and rigging services to its portfolio.
Collett wagon carrying a section of the body of the turbine

Aerial view of three blades on the move