Liebherr's new 800t LG

Liebherr has announced a new 800 tonne wheeled lattice crane, the LG1800-1.0, which will join the long established 750 tonne LG 1750 next year.

The LG 1800-1.0 is aimed squarely at the wind turbine market, which is where the LG1750 has proved particularly popular. It shares many of the concepts of the older model, but is mounted on a new nine axle chassis, which allows axle loads of 10 tonnes with all four outrigger beams on board. While it features the same swing out outriggers to the LG 1750, the new crane’s beams are fixed rather than variable (The 1750 could be narrowed at the rear to just under 13m) making them lighter. They are also far easier to remove and re-install. If two outrigger beams are removed the total weight drops to 70 tonnes - eight tonnes an axle, or 50 tonnes if both sets are removed.
On the road with 10 tonne axle loads

The overall outrigger footprint is just 13 metres square, compared to the 16 by 18 metres of the 1750. The chassis also includes the latest technology, such as ZF Traxon Torque transmission and ECOdrive.

Moving on to the superstructure the LG1800-1.0 uses many of the upper components from the 800 tonne LR 1800-1.0 crawler crane, which was announced in mid-2018, which the first unit delivered to Eurogrúas in Spain a year later. These include V-Frame and VarioTray counterweight systems. The maximum main boom is 180 metres - compared to 168 metres on the LG 1750 – with a maximum system length of 210 metres - 108 metres of main boom and 102 metres of luffing jib, for a maximum tip height of around 214 metres – compared to around 200 metres on the 1750.
With 174m of boom, and 18m fixed offset jib for hub heights of up to 180m

Alternatively for wind related work the LG 1800 can be rigged with 174 metres of main boom topped by with an 18 metre fixed jib for turbines with hub heights of 180 metres. The crane also includes ‘WindSpeed Load Charts’ allowing operation in various wind speeds up to 13.4 metres per second.

The spec sheets are currently limited, but the crane will be available during the first half of next year.