Four LBS 800s for Porto Chibatão

Brazilian logistics and port management company, Porto Chibatão has taken delivery of the first four Liebherr LBS 800 barge-slewing cranes to be delivered.

The cranes are essentially a superstructure from its mobile harbour cranes, mounted on a barge, providing additional and flexible capability at busy ports. Liebherr claims that the LBS 800 cranes are the largest such models available with a maximum capacity of 104 tonnes and slightly longer boom length than standard at 66 metres allowing the crane to reach across vessels with a capacity of 23 rows of containers. They are also mounted on a 9.6 metre tower extension to improve up & over reach and visibility. The cab interiors are also greatly improved having been adopted from the latest Liebherr mobile harbour cranes.
The crane components on board the transport ship to Brazil

The new cranes feature electric drive for zero local emissions and high speeds, but also benefit from a diesel hybrid drive system. They can handle 35 containers an hour and lift up to 40 tonnes at the maximum 64 metre radius or manage up to 2,300 tonnes of bulk material an hour.
The tower sections and superstuctures

Jhony Fidelis of Chibatão said: “These particular cranes from Liebherr are a perfect fit for our vision, as they offer high productivity and low emissions. We are proud to work with Liebherr, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and fostering environmental responsibility. We are always looking for innovative solutions to improve our performance and sustainability.”
The handover (L-R) Glauco Campos of Liebherr, Jhony Fidélis of Chibatão, Ângelo Maia Telles of Liebherr and Kamila Santos of Chibatão

The cranes were purchased during the Intermodal event in São Paulo in 2022 and arrived in Brazil in September, they have now been assembled and commissioned and join a fleet of 12 other barge slewing cranes at the port. The LBS 800 cranes are the largest port cranes Liebherr has ever built, and Porto Chibatão will be the first to ever use them.

Porto Chibatão is the one of the largest private ports in South America with 42 cranes in the fleet of gantry, cargo and barge slewing cranes. The port covers 250 acres and can store up to 40,000 20ft equivalent containers on site. The berthing facility consists of a 1,026 metre floating pier/ quay operating up to eight vessels with drafts up to 20 metres.

Founded in 1987, Porto Chibatão is based in Manaus in the capital city of the state of Amazonas. It is a key player in the regions logistic and economic climate serving the Manaus Industrial park which is important to processing the cargo volume in the region.