Living on the edge

Spotted on Instagram by one of our readers what looks like a Sany truck crane working on top of a high steel frame structure.

The outriggers are set on steel beams/joists with steel straps around the crane’s outrigger beams tying the crane down to the structure. As a result, is probably quite stable - assuming all the straps and beams, not to mention the structure itself, have sufficient structural integrity to withstand the loadings. However, when you start strapping outrigger beams down and tensioning them, especially midway along the beams, you can easily threaten their structural integrity by redirecting load forces in directions they are simply not designed to withstand.

It certainly looks like a crazy choice of crane and a cavalier approach to the job. Sadly, at this point we have little to now idea of where it occurred and when.
But definitely one for our Death Wish series.

The video clip below shows a little more than our still.

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