Wind takes scissor over at parade

A scissor lift parked on a property alongside the route of the Vaisakhi parade in Surrey, Vancouver, Canada, overturned in strong winds on Saturday. Fortunately, it came to rest on live overhead power lines, rather than going over completely.

We have not yet seen any photos from the scene, but local police say that the lift was decked out with flags and banners which acted as a large sail area in strong winds. A spokesman said: “We believe that the flags and the banner that was hanging off the scissor lift actually acted like a sail, so that when the wind picked up, it caused the scissor lift to go over. If it has not been caught by the wires it could have been catastrophic.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident and the parade, said to be the largest Sikh parade in North America was however partially disrupted.
Around half a million people are said to have joined the march, held during the Vaisakhi festival, one of the most important in the Sikh calendar.
Adding banners to a scissor lift, especially narrower models, is never a good idea although it can look like an attractive display tool. Even some of the wider models can be at risk in strong winds.