Urban art installation

Campari, has celebrated its connection with Milan by commissioning Outdoora and street artist Nicholas Perra to create the new artwork dedicated to the 'Campari Soda', based on a drawing by the illustrator and graphic designer Marco Goran Romano. A 60 metre Multitel Pagliero J360TA truck mounted platform was used to install the art work.
The installation gets underway

The new artwork harks back to the 1920s when Campari worked with futurist artist Fortunato Depero to create some of the most iconic outdoor advertising campaigns of the 20th century.
The J360TA in operation

The platform was supplied by Novital, which has been an official Multitel Pagliero dealer for 20 years. Based in Agrate Brianza in Monza on the north side of Milan, Novital runs a fleet of over 800 units from two locations in Verdello - Bergamo and Cardano al Campo North West of Milan.

Around 30 of its truck mounted lifts are Multitels including the 27 metre MTE270 EX, with a 37.5 metre MJ375 truck mount due to arrive shortly.